What is CAR WRAP?

CAR WRAP stands for the application of a high-quality, durable and resistant self-adhesive film, specially designed to protect, restore and / or personalize the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Dare to change the color of your car to give it a totally new look!

Car wrapping, the New Art

What is it used for?

To quickly improve or renew your car’s appearance without having to change the original color.

What is the guarantee?

The warranty is valid for 2 years and we only replace the defective panels. In the event of an accident, the warranty is not valid and the owner of the car or, if applicable, his insurance, will have to take on any repairs.

Which films can you choose from?

Our wraps are only from the best producers, we only want to offer our customers top quality. In addition, our technicians turn into artists when they can once again carry out a wrap assignment.

Would you like a Full Wrap?

Each price is based on your type of vehicle as well as the type of wrap you want.

You can contact us via our contact form or by telephone to submit your wrap dream, we can switch immediately with the appropriate feedback.

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