Tinted headlights

As the headlights are closer to the road surface, they run the risk of being easily damaged by stones and pebbles, making it necessary to protect them with shock-resistant film. In this way it will be the protective film that will get the shock and not the headlight. This will give the headlight a longer life.

Moreover, if you want to change the aspect of your car, there are different films and tint options with different colors so that you can choose what best fits your personality.

Which are the other benefits when tinting headlights

Maximum delay of the aging process, which gives the lighting capacity of the headlight a longer life.

Increased occupant protection in adverse climatic conditions such as rain or fog through effective lighting of the road being driven.

Is it necessary to call on a professional to adjust the headlights?

You can tint the headlights yourself, but depending on the type of tint or film to be applied, there are a number of steps that can prove complicated and slow to perform if you cannot demonstrate the necessary patience and experience. This could ensure that you do not achieve the same result as a professional.

Tint Ruben's Car Foils headlights?

Yes. We use high quality products and we follow the manufacturer’s recommended techniques and certified procedures that guarantee that your headlights will look the way you want.

What are our prices now?

Each price is based on your vehicle type. Ask via our contact form or via whats’app the correct price for your type of car with the number of lights to be dimmed.

We try to carry out the work without errors within the hour!
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